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Transparency Report: Regarding Delays

We are not scamming,
We are behind on Wickr and Email messages post February 19th – March 8th.
We are not up to date with emails, but please continue to message us on wickr.
Orders are being fulfilled right now, the last order fulfilled was February 15th. Every order delayed will get a special code as soon as the site updates and the new partnered site releases.
Stress levels: Astronomical
Future improvements: In place
Chance to scam: Below Zero
Delays in replies: High
Delays in order flow: Medium.

The domestic Australian Xanax had concerns as someone had been claiming that it isn’t the Xanax compound, so we are publicly announcing that they are expected to send us full lab reports as well as evidence that they have sent it to a independently audited lab. This evidence has not been to us by the person who had made these claims.

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