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Update on ACL

  • 7 days of wickr messages had been expired and I do acknowledge that. We are still not scamming, just communication delays. As prior to this the last order was sent on the 28th October and today the date is 7th November and we are replying and shipping everything out
  • Still my preferred method of contact is wickr, as I’m behind on emails as I tell everyone.
  • International orders had been delayed by a month and that’s resolved now
  • Some of the “not usual” compounds are still out of stock and on back order we haven’t forgotten about that.
    Special requested items which were on preorder since September has been shipped out
  • Domestic parcels of oil and orals are not delayed, there was a delay of 7 days approx as stated above but that’s been resolved.
    Forte is still out of stock.
    Shipping everything that is available out now.

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