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Update: Blends, Sales, Orals, And Account Creation

  • Mass and Cut blends have been added to the website.
  • The oil sale is now based on the type of ester you buy, for example…
  • Shorter Esters $45
  • Standard Esters $50
  • Longer/Exotic Esters $60
  • Blends $60
  • There is a bit of delays on the orals if you do not receive it by given timeframe please contact me for a follow up and reshipment. As the orals get sent via a third party.
  • You can now create a account and login into the site.
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Update: Peptides

-Oils, Orals, Pharma Raws, and Pharma Items all active and ready to be shipped. 
-Peptides not active. 
-Peptide shipper did not get back to me, so I will postpone peptides for now. Initials D.R please get back to me. I tried contacting you in regards for a refund. 
-AAS Orals take less than 6 business days to ship and arrive after a order has been placed and paid for. Delays can occur if the order doesn’t get scanned so in that case please contact us after 6 business days and we will arrange a reshipment. 
-Sale will be extended for a while, date hasn’t been confirmed. 

12,000 items available, please request any item which you desire.