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Still not scamming. Keep your family close, the reason for this delay recently is because more than enough of my friends and family has died from COVID-19. Click on this post for full details.

  • A lot of my relatives who have been close to me have died recently, especially friends who have been close to me.
  • Everyone will have double-triple their order who haven’t received it in the past month and any unprocessed ones, I know for a few people I gave them 5x the quantity due to the delay and delivered 2x what they ordered, but those people will get double the unprocessed quantity.
  • The money has never been a issue for the SDM group, we rarely withdrawn any of the money given, it was reinvested into products to keep prices low and to keep delivering.
  • So far the worst start of the year in the 10+ years we have been running.
  • You will not get scammed, but if we don’t reply that’s mostly because of personal issues, we don’t want to scam anyone at all, and we never will. That’s why we are giving double orders.
  • Last month there were people who received 5x what they ordered. We didn’t really care about the money we spent on you guys, as long as you’re happy despite our delays.
  • Keep your family close, or distanced (depends what is applicable for you).
    COVID-19 is not a joke, and if you’re in a high risk country that we are shipping to keep in mind, while you’re running AAS compounds your immune system is weaker so it’s best you take all the precautions you can.
  • We will still be shipping and processing orders.
  • Anyone who have said we are scamming clearly doesn’t know us or has been a customer with us. We would bend over backwards for you guys.