Terms & Conditions

Email: sdm.orders@pm.me

Threema: ZVBBKBS7

Wickr: Sdmonster (Stopping at the end of 2023)

Telegram: @sdmonster (sdm foundation) | Use Secret Chat

About Us

1 Reshipment in case the parcel gets missing in transit.

US Domestic Shipping – 5-7 Days

Australia Domestic Shipping 6-7 Days

International Shipping 7-25 Days (Depends on company used)

To USA we reship once for finished product/twice for raws if your package goes missing.

To other countries we ship for free once if your package gets seized.

If you choose not to reship or the resent package failed to go through again, no refund will be made.

We will only reship your package from the original place in which you ordered it. I.e. If you order internationally your pack won’t get reshipped domestically.


Bitcoins (Can be bought from Localbitcoins.com or Btcmarkets.net)


Blockstream Green (blockstream.com/green/)
Compatible With – Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and F-Droid.