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All Order Have Been Processed Through

  • All orders have been processed through.
  • We work like you do, but day through to night we don’t have breaks (not even weekends). Yes this break was for approximately 1 month and 10 days but now we are working back to fufil your needs. We hadn’t taken a break for years.
  • Wickr is in the process.
  • Next step is emails.
  • Checkout has been fixed to process more orders.

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No exit scam, just really stressed

+ Yes we haven’t really replied to anyone since the 19th of November we sent a message to people in the dates between now and then.

+ It’s hard when when the team has been active for the last 2 years with barely any breaks. It’s the first time in a very very very long time we let wickr messages expire and that saddens us, but it just gets hard doing this with no breaks.

+ As stated above this isn’t a exit scam, I need to clear up on the forums and explain my reasoning but many wouldn’t understand as they think we have thousands of employees and should be active 24 hours 7 days a week. We are just a group of people that want to provide with slim margins. Plus we reinvest our profits and give it to people who need the money while keeping some for maintenance and wages. It’s hard and we aren’t like other sources who scam after they get stressed and over this we compensate and keep providing.

+ All orders will be fulfilled. Our domestic Au oil shipper wasn’t giving trackers which played a part of the stress for over 1-2 weeks which takes a toll.

+ Please just bear with us, we will send trackings first , process pending orders, reply to emails, then reply to wickr messages. At this point in time if I go on wickr everyone would be swearing for lack of communication which is correct. But please bear with us , we have been active and hadn’t taken this long of a break in many many years, we are burnt out. Previously when we did we were still replying to wickr messages so it wasn’t a proper break.

+ We will be active again in a couple of days. Please bear with us.

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