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Update: Australian Oils + Refunds

Transparency Report: Australian Domestic Oils – ACL

  • Oils in reference to Australian oil orders.
  • Australian oil shipper gave me tracking for all backdated orders on Wednesday 7 August.
  • Shipper said all orders will go out and update
  • Sunday – Trackings did not update.
  • If trackings do not update by 16th, or new tracking isn’t supplied. ACL will offer full refunds on oils/exchanges on oils from a third party brand.
  • Oil orders processed after the 8th of August has not been updated by oils shipper (I have processed it through to him but I haven’t received a tracking to verify if it’s been sent, most likely your order will get refunded by the 16th.)
  • I will hold all bulk orders until I get proper updates by my oil shipper. (If no replies occur I will refund all bulk orders) or fulfil using an alternative suppliers.
  • I have sent tracking to everyone who I had received tracking to, if it does not update by the 16th I’ll offer refunds/reshipments from a third party brand.
  • Second time it has happened from this shipper, first time it was resolved on the following week.
  • All bulk discounts are currently invalid.
  • Awaiting shippers reply.
  • AU Oils: Down (Full refunds on oils on 16th August and after, or alternatively reshipments from alternative supplier)
  • AU Orals: Active
  • AU Raws: Active
  • International: Active
  • USA: Active
  • ACL Policy, we do not scam and we do not tolerate scamming. Everyone will be compensated properly, especially if there is any issues faced by ACL (shippers, oils). We aren’t afraid of refunding if your order hasn’t been sent out but we take a precaution to attempt to resolve the problem before giving a refund.
  • We will catch up with everyone’s inquiries on wickr by August 13 2019.
  • Edit: Many of the trackings I had given have updated, but I’m still waiting for ~3 to update while I still don’t have the trackings to orders submitted early last week. As soon as that updates I’ll make Australia domestic oils active again.
  • Edit: Everything’s resolved and back to normal.
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