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Update: Delayed Replies and Processing

  • Still here, it’s been two weeks since I’ve last responded publicly approx.
  • Processing orders now, will ask you to reply to me on wickr (wickr: sdmonster). Keep resending the message if your message has been expired and not been responded to.
  • Removing compounds which are giving me stress to the point that it is counterproductive for me (all finished benzos). If you have placed a order related to this, you will get credited/refunded back.
  • The supplier for Xanax is good, but its not worth my stress at the moment, in the future can do. Raws still available. There will be some changes.
  • The reason some orders didn’t get sent is because my worker wasn’t reading the order notes, and was sending things to the wrong/old addresses. Resulting in the fellow staff being laid off.
  • Still not scamming anyone, just bad reply and processing times. Early this week many will go out.
  • Will work on this website more, but will not have Primo as a finished product in stock within Australia anymore.
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