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Update: Important COVID-19

  • One of our important management members is trapped at Wuhan, China and the conditions are really bad and due to this our operations and updates have been lacking.
  • We will stop all shipments from China for AAS, so all international parcels will be coming from other countries.
  • Australia Domestic Oils will now be preference based, on what we recommend.
  • All our products are sterile and will continue to be.
  • Testosterone makes the body immuno-compromised so consider running HCG to increase normal bodily processes or cruising on (250mg/week or less) or taking PCT procedure if you’re running Testosterone at the moment. This includes orals and oils. This is to reduce the risk of CoronaVirus spreading upon individuals. My recommendation would be to start blasting after approximately May. As this is when COVID-19 is expected to pass.
  • The checkout is now working.
  • We are not scammers, all parcels do go out, sometimes later then usual.
  • We will do some product changes, and will reduce a lot of our prices to increase turnover time.
  • Our key management will be replaced and changed so please bear with us. SDM will become active again.
  • Backorder will be consistently processed.
  • The last time we were active was at the end of Janurary 2020 but now we are back again. Restrictions on Wuhan made it hard.
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