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Update: Global January 2021

  • We had taken a break during December 20-Mid January
  • We are ready and operating right now
  • Suppliers are coming back
  • If your order had not been processed through you would’ve received a email update
  • MT2 + Proviron still OOS
  • The backorder January Dbol shipment will be sent by tomorrow
  • We are not scamming.
  • If you have been ordering with us for the past many years you know everything goes wrong December-Early January despite how much we prepare.
  • No we have not run with your money, due to backlogs and lack of suppliers our staff had not been paid due to this, as we experienced thousands of dollars worth of losses.
  • Due to the surge of BTC and the unprocessed orders (due to the unavailability of shippers) we were able to sustain our losses to pay our staff and make sure our operations continue despite the suppliers who had scammed us.
  • We may be undergoing partnerships with a big named pharmacies to expand our range. Through this partnership if it goes through, no personal data of our clients will be be exposed. This is just a event to increase our range.
  • Better support and updates will be present throughout this year.
  • First round of orders will be sent out tomorrow and the days following through our staple suppliers.
  • If confirmations are received on time, then next batch will be sent right after.
  • More items will be coming in stock, in very inconsistent times.

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