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Update: Sectors

Order Updates: 

+ 11 people are waiting to get their order and it is on the way. They should get it by latest Friday. 

+ 2 people ordered two weeks ago and didn’t get their order – this is being reshipped. This circumstance of not getting it is highly unusual. One of the two persons had their parcel redirected when it left our hands, although keep in mind we had released tracking to the customer. Especially being small orders, our only reasoning for this happening is that they told someone they ordered that’s why it got redirected. = Do not tell people who could interfere with parcels that you’re ordering. 

+ This is out of many hundred successful orders which happened in the week. 

+ Some parts of Australia, the postal employees are really slacking to the point express orders which were sent in day zero, only ended up getting to the customer by the second week of ordering. This could be due to the weather, or then being lazy I’m not sure. 

+ Everyone should get their order regardless, if they don’t I will fully compensate as SDM cooperation policy states. 


+ Australian Domestic Raws: The purity is pure with the avg raw being 99.9% pure. The pricing is upper standard international pricing I.E 800-900 USD/kg testosterone E. Should be available next week. 

+ US Domestic & International Raws: Will be available soon. 

+ US Domestic: Peptides, SARMS, Oils and orals will be available soon. 

+ International: Oils and Orals will be available soon. 

+ Australian domestic: Peptides should be available next week. Oils and Orals still actively getting sold and sent. 


+ Payment Processor: Is bitcoin only with no minimum, our developers updated the site. 

+ Currency Converter: Has been implemented, but during checkout it will convert to the equal amount of USD:AUD and you will be charged the correct amount in BTC in reference to AUD:USD. 


+ Special Raws still on sale. 

+ $45 Australian Domestic sale still ongoing.

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